The Frog King: Seeing Image Dynamics in Clinical Work



Join us as we lead a discussion about a specific fairy tale, myth, or work of literature in order to examine and comprehend the plight of ourselves and others. These narratives offer us a unique means of cultivating the ability to understand the interplay of symbolic elements within a given context.  As such they are ideal objects of contemplation for the process of developing the awareness necessary to be truly engaged in psychological work.  

Lectures in this series provide insights into global stories and cultural context as well as the influence of nature, alchemy, and the sacred.  These enduring and archetypal stories may be used as a powerful device in framing and making sense of modern day maladies and concerns.  Join us for one, or several, online interactive webinars exploring the wisdom of story through a depth psychological framework.

When you register for the webinar you will receive a link to view the previously recorded lecture as well as handouts, copies of the slides and evaluations. Included in this registration letter will be a link or adapted version of the fairytale, myth, or work of literature that we will be discussing.  Pre-reading is encouraged but not required.  

Frog Prince - Parrish
The Frog KING: Seeing Image Dynamics in Clinical Work – Webinar

In this presentation of a fairy tale, The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich from the Brothers Grimm, (commonly, known as the Frog Prince) we explore the nature of the living dynamic within a specific narrative with an eye for developing the ability to track relationships between the diverse elements that make up the clinical encounter. Rather than focus upon a specific category of clinical conditions, (e.g. depression, anxiety, addiction) emphasis is placed upon developing the awareness of the clinician so as to enhance the ability to perceive the dynamic flow of psychologically relevant material as it appears in the very moment of the clinical encounter. In so doing, the clinician is able to work within a context that honors the existing intrinsic values and beliefs of both the patient and the therapist without needing to reduce either, to the needs imposed by a systemic approach. 

Presented by Mark Dean, MFA, MA, ATR-BC, LPC  is a Jungian Analytic Training Candidate with over 20 years of clinical experience as an art psychotherapist and licensed professional counselor and educator.  Mark has worked in a range of clinical mental health settings.  As a professional artist, he has earned the National Endowment on the Arts Award as well as two Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Awards in Painting.  He is a co-founder of The Center for Psyche & the Arts, an organization devoted to the study and application of the uses of art, imagery, and creative process in clinical work. 


Participants will be able:

  1. Identify three (3) major differences between “Image” constructs and “Rational” constructs and articulate the value and limitations of each for psychological work.
  2. Identify three (3) different relational aspects between image and forms.
  3. Articulate two (2) ways to utilize the skills developed in the presentation to enhance their direct clinical work.



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One (1.5) Continuing Education clock hours are available for this webinar.

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Creative Arts Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Therapists, and other professional mental health clinicians.


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